Who we are:

The Creative House Gallery is a Non Profit Art Gallery with a goal of helping the Community Transition, Survive, Develop and Thrive through Art Access and Art Education. 


The Creative House Gallery is committed to enhancing the quality of life through our artistic programing that serve all ages, ethnicities backgrounds and economic status with a emphasis on marginalized, underserved and underrepresented persons.



Our Vision:

The Creative House Gallery aims to play a sustainable role in revitalizing the community via a collective of Artists    Educators   Scholars    and   Leaders Who are dedicated to the enlightenment and healing of the community through art  by utilization of enriched and diverse programming, workshops and seminars based on art and individual empowerment.

Gallery: 424.351.8553


122 N Market Street

Inglewood, CA 90301

Opening Hours:

Mon - Closed

​​Tuesday - Friday: 12am - 7pm

Saturday: 12pm - 6pm

Sunday: - Closed

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