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One on One Sculpture Workshop

A course by Rasta Asaru EL, Sculptor

What you'll learn

  • Learn from scratch to make a sculpture

  • To realize a three-dimensional piece modeled in Air Dry clay

  • Have knowledge about the use of materials suitable for the manufacture of a sculpture.

  • Perform light volumes

  • Work textures with different techniques

Our expert instructor will introduce you to a variety of sculpting techniques, materials, and styles, ensuring a well-rounded and customized learning experience. From classical forms to contemporary abstract creations, you'll have the freedom to explore your preferred artistic path under the mentorship of someone passionate about the art of sculpting.

Discover the joy of working with different mediums such as clay, stone, wood, or even unconventional materials. Through hands-on demonstrations, insightful feedback, and constructive critiques, you'll steadily develop your sculpting proficiency and artistic vision.

Whether your goal is to create a stunning centerpiece for your home, delve into the world of figurative sculpture, or experiment with avant-garde concepts, this one-on-one class offers the perfect environment to nurture your artistic talents. Unleash your imagination, embrace the tactile nature of sculpting, and watch as your visions come to life in three-dimensional form.

Join us for a transformative and enriching sculptural journey, where the possibilities are as endless as the shapes you can create. Let's sculpt your artistic future together!

The Workshop


Welcome to our one-on-one sculpture class, where creativity takes shape! In this personalized and immersive experience, you'll embark on a journey of artistic expression guided by a seasoned sculptor. Whether you're a beginner eager to mold your first masterpiece or an experienced artist looking to refine your skills, this class is tailored to meet your unique needs and aspirations.


Rasta Asaru is a professional sculptor and Founder of the Creative House Gallery. He has been a lifelong student of sculpture and professional artist for over 25 years. Rasta is a self-taught artist with work that has been shown in galleries and museums nationally, as founder of the Creative House Gallery Rasta and the creative house team now brings artist residency to Inglewood CA, with the intention of narrating a new creative path to young urban youths.

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Sculpure Design

Rasta Asaru EL



DJ Robinson

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Graphic Design

Rasta Asaru EL 

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Rasta Asaru EL

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