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Children's Introduction to sculpture

A course by Rasta Asaru EL, Sculptor

What you'll learn

  • Learn from scratch to make a sculpture

  • To realize a three-dimensional piece modeled in Air Dry clay

  • Have knowledge about the use of materials suitable for the manufacture of a sculpture.

  • Perform light volumes

  • Work textures with different techniques

Date: Januaru 15th - December 23rd 

Skill Level(s): Ages 12 and up

Instructor(s): Rasta Asaru EL

Tuition: $20.00

Gallery Fee: FREE

Sculpture Kit Fee: FREE

Concept: 1 Day 4 Hour Workshop:

Students will create 3-dimensional busts using the medium of clay. Each student will get hands-on step-by-step training on the creation of a portrait/bust using his/her imagination. References are welcome but not needed.


Day 1-1.5 Hour Textile Education On Clay
           2.5 Hour Portrait/Bust Creation
Media & Techniques:

Students build ceramic Figures using self-hardening and air-dry clays. Students will Review different building techniques to fabricate their concepts, be it slab or solid construction. Demonstrations include multiple ways of hand building, introductory clay handling, and surface treatments for ceramic sculpture.


Day 1 of the workshop takes place at the Creative house Gallery. Students will become familiar with clay and learn a variety of beginner sculpting techniques. And then create a masterpiece step by step out of clay.

FREE Admission

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Children's Introduction to Sculpture

Nov. 15th - Jan. 24th


Rasta Asaru is a professional sculptor and Founder of the Creative House Gallery. He has been a lifelong student of sculpture and professional artist for over 25 years. Rasta is a self-taught artist with work that has been shown in galleries and museums nationally, as founder of the Creative House Gallery Rasta and the creative house team now brings artist residency to Inglewood CA, with the intention of narrating a new creative path to young urban youths.

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Sculpure Design

Rasta Asaru EL



DJ Robinson

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Graphic Design

Rasta Asaru EL 

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Rasta Asaru EL

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