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Introduction to Photography Basics

A course by Rasta Asaru EL, Photographer

What you'll learn

  • A fast and exciting series of Classes / Workshops. Designed to get you up and running.
    Inspire and Motivate you and Develop your hidden skills. To take better photographs.

  •   Taught by Staff and Guest Speakers in the profession.

  • Bring your Camera / Cellphone & your Running Shoes!

December  5th 2023 - December 5th 2024

Skill Level(s): Ages 12 and up

Instructor(s): Rasta Asaru

Tuition: $free

Gallery Fee: $Free

Sculpture Kit Fee: $free

Explore: a Bi-weekly Day 2 Hour Workshop:

Explore: Basic Photo Theory. Learn Exposure Techniques, Composition, and experience the use of professional lighting and camera equipment, Hands On! Remember Don't Be Late!

FREE Admission

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Photography BASICS

January 28th - July 28 2024

Media & Techniques:

Students will learn different lighting techniques in the field of photography. Broad light, Short light, Split light, Backlight, Rim light, Butterfly light, Loop light.


Rasta Asaru is a professional sculptor and Founder of the Creative House Gallery. He has been a lifelong student of sculpture and professional artist for over 25 years. Rasta is a self-taught artist with work that has been shown in galleries and museums nationally, as founder of the Creative House Gallery Rasta and the creative house team now brings artist residency to Inglewood CA, with the intention of narrating a new creative path to young urban youths.

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Sculpure Design

Rasta Asaru EL



DJ Robinson

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Graphic Design

Rasta Asaru EL 

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Rasta Asaru EL

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