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The Creative House Non-Profit

The Creative House Gallery is a Non Profit Art Gallery with a goal of helping the Community Transition, Survive, Develop and Thrive through Art Access and Art Education 


The Creative House Gallery is committed to enhancing the quality of life through our artistic programing that serve all ages, ethnicities backgrounds and economic status with a emphasis on marginalised, underserved and underrepresented persons. 

Our Methodology

The Creative House Gallery  will fulfill our vision through programing that will run on a daily calendar of Art Education and Community Development Workshops


Weekly ART CLASSES offered to the community




Monthly educational movie and documentary viewing, town hall and discussion panels and inspirational guest speakers


Free Community Development Workshops to provide additional life skills and development  

Our Goals

The Creative House Gallery desires to give back to the local community and make strides towards being the remedy to the lacking or missing art programs within our communities. 


It is in this notion that we take up the slack in learning from our schools to empower individuals through creativity.

  • Establish a community presence that will increase art education and creative wellness within the community


  • Educate the community about the need of art and its different mediums

  • Develop FREE workshops and teaching seminars for adults and children alike that will encompass art techniques as well as programs to redefine the learning experience of today’s image of how art should be taught in its complex role of critical thinking.

  • Create programming for The Creative House Theatre by creating in-house productions utilizing its artist that teach workshops and seminars.

  • Contribute to different communities by creating much needed programs that will produce a strong art teaching base 


  • Promote leadership development programs that develop leaders who will be educated on the understanding on how art applies to everyday life and how it helps in problem solving and critical thinking.


  • Provide additional life skills workshops on college access, financial literacy, and self sustainability


  • Build relationships with local government, small business, organizations, schools and faith based centers for a greater and sustainable impact 

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