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Introduction to Jewelry ( Wire Wrapping and Basics

A course by Syri Johnson, Jeweler

What you'll learn

  • Pulling wire

  • Twisting Structures

  • Working with structures

  • Stone setting

  • Fron Building Techniques

Date: March 28th - June 27th 

Skill Level(s): 16+

Instructor(s): SRI Johnson

Tuition: $95

Gallery Fee: $Free

Sculpture Kit Fee: $free

Concept: 2 Hour Workshop:

We provide the adult class with a general idea of the basic set of hand tools and accessories required to work with the materials. Covered in the class are basic tools - flush cut pliers, small round needle nose pliers, small flat needle nose pliers, protective eye gear, breathing and body protection including proper ventilation.


Included metals - coverage of copper, brass, gold, and sterling silver as well as the sizes we use for production. Most of our supply of minerals including the California red and white quartz, mahogany and rainbow obsidian and others come from a sister collection and distribution company in norther California and are available for purchase in small quantities from a third party vendor by inquiry.


Note: The use of tools under these production circumstances is dangerous, we provide the class with proper use, safety measures and safety gear in order to inform on how to protect yourself and others. We take no responsibility for injury or damage to property while engaged in these learning modules. 

Media & Techniques:

Students build wired jewelry with stones provided by the course instructor using variable techniques to create pendants, rings, and broches. Students will Review different building techniques to fabricate their concepts. Demonstrations include multiple ways of hand building, introductory clay handling, and surface treatments for wearable art designs

FREE Admission

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Introduction to Jewelry

(Wire Wrapping and Basics)

March 28th - June 27th


Rasta Asaru is a professional sculptor and Founder of the Creative House Gallery. He has been a lifelong student of sculpture and professional artist for over 25 years. Rasta is a self-taught artist with work that has been shown in galleries and museums nationally, as founder of the Creative House Gallery Rasta and the creative house team now brings artist residency to Inglewood CA, with the intention of narrating a new creative path to young urban youths.

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Sculpure Design

Rasta Asaru EL



DJ Robinson

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Graphic Design

Rasta Asaru EL 

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Rasta Asaru EL

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