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Being surrounded by entrepreneurs since childhood he developed the grit and fortitude to succeed.  His first introduction to business was selling on the streets, but unlike some of his peers, he worked at his grandmother’s candy house selling snacks and sodas.  This was his first exposure to buying wholesale and selling at a retail price, even though he didn’t know that’s what it was called at the time.  He became the best salesmen because he knew how children thought about candy.  He then graduated from these humble beginnings to working in the families beauty supply starting from stocking to running the day-to-day operations under the supervision of his father.   His father passed down his business acumen as he passed him the keys to the front door.


He did so well at running this business it instantly became his summer job and even after school at times.  Affording his father and mother to focus on opening another business in the same shopping plaza.  This hair salon would work well with the current business because they both were in the same industry.  Once again he saw the immense benefit of being under the tutelage of his immediate family especially his father.   Little did he know but he was being introduced to having multiple streams of income, which he understood on a larger scale after both of this business were destroyed during the backlash from the unjust verdict handed down during 1992.  After several great years, these businesses flourished and he even became a hair stylist within the salon, which accentuated his style and creativity.  Again he watched his father open another business before this tragedy, but this time it was in the entertainment industry.

Working in Hollywood was very different and so were the people this didn’t stop the business from being successful.  After a few years, my father wanted him to take sole control of the business because he had a long yearning to become an ordained minister.  He passed the baton to him once again to run the business.   At this time in he had taken spiritual vows that made it hard for him to helm.  This would lead to the sale of the business and leaving the entertainment world of casting. 

A new love was conceived within his entrepreneurial spirit that had been lying dormant for some time now, which even caused him to leave his corporate career.  Upon leaving he takes on the task of working in a managerial role in an up and coming health food store because this was the next venture he planned to embark into.  This store was preparing to move to a larger location he flourished in this position making the store profitable.  After acquiring a few years of employment and vast knowledge about the health food industry he decided to leave to seek higher income to take care of his growing family.   He had to place the plan to open another business on the back burner for now.


After a couple of years, his entrepreneur spirit began to gnaw at his soul and he could not contain himself to build a new venture.  With his then-wife, they open the doors of a acupuncture, yoga, tea, and elixir bar facility that was cutting edge for the area.  This was when his marketing prowess would be tested because the first two years were extremely difficult.

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