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8 Week Virtual Painting Workshop.

Skill Level(s): 9 and up

Instructor(s): Rasta Asaru EL

Tuition: $90.00

Gallery Fee: $35

Painting Kit Fee: $35



To teach an offline course of how to start acrylic painting using traditional and nontraditional methods of painting utilizing new styles and concepts on the medium. Students will also learn basics and Shadows with color theory as an aspect of overall creative work on canvass

Media & Techniques:

Students will learn how to paint using traditional methods utilizing different mediums of painting such as, Acrylic, Water Color, and Oil Painting.



The first week of the workshop takes place at the Creative house’s gallery.

Students will need Stretch Canvass, Acrylic Paint, Oil Paint, and Brushes to participate in the course. Students will learn painting techniques using Color theory, Dry Brush, Splatter, Dabbing, Pallet Knife, Detail, Under Painting, and Layering all these elements will help each student with their expressive style.


Course Subjects 2 Hours 3x Week MWF :

Week 1-Color Theory

Week 2-Painting Style

Week 3-Dry Brush

Week 4-Splatter

Week 5-Dabbing

Week 6-Pallet Knife

Week 7-Detail

Week 8-Under Painting & Layering


Rasta Asaru is a professional Artist and Founder of the Creative House Gallery. He has been a lifetime student of Sculpture, Painting, Illustration, and Photography and a professional artist for over 25 years. Rasta as a founder of the Creative House Gallery now brings artist residency to Inglewood CA, with the intention of narrating a new creative path to young urban youths.

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